Textile Curator | Textile / Fibre art contemporary exhibition, Elisabeth Rutt hand embroidery, Tilleke Schwarz hand embroidery and Maeve Pacheco / Macro Macrame. Felting by Zofia Wynne-Griffith
Exclusive interviews and textile art from British textile artist Elisabeth Rutt Dutch embroiderer and macrame artist Maeve Pacheco. Contemporary fibre artists. Plus Aubrey Longley-Cook's embroideries Runaway.
Images and interviews featuring macrame, machine embroidery, and hand embroidery from contemporary international artists. Best contemporary textile artists in 2018. Textile art exhibition at Laband Art Gallery
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combine intricacy with simplicity
Maeve Pacheco

Maeve Pacheco is the artist and creator behind Macro Macrame. Based in Brooklyn New York she describes her oversized macrame as ‘eclectic rope art,’ that ‘focuses on elevating vintage designs with new mediums and exaggerated dimensions.’

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Elisabeth Rutt, Desire Lines, art textiles
Elisabeth Rutt

British artist Elisabeth Rutt predominantly uses hand embroidery for her pieces that centre around form and colour. Pattern is always present and by exploring the same theme in depth her art is both comprehensive and varied. 

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Tilleke Schwarz, embroidery, found- 2017 55 x 68
Tilleke Schwarz

Dutch textile artist Tilleke Schwarz has been hand embroidering since childhood.  She describes the theme of her work as “the oddities of our modern society” and her carefully considered pieces offer a glimpse into her thoughts and the world around her.

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02. RUNAWAY-Longley-Cook

Inspirational Monday, 19th February 2018


Happy Inspirational Monday. Happy Chinese New Year to those of you who celebrate it. 2018 is the Year of the Dog so it seemed fitting to feature this hand embroidery by American artist Aubrey Longley-Cook which is currently being exhibited at ‘New Threads: Perspectives in Contemporary Fiber Arts,’ at the Laband Art Gallery, Loyola Marymount University.




Image left: Runaway, by Aubrey Longley-Cook, 14 hand-embroidered images using cotton thread. 

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Elisabeth Rutt, art textiles
Tilleke Schwarz, embroidery,Look, it's biodegradable-180x180 2017

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