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Quilter Tara Faughan


Images above: A work in progress in Tara’s studio; Double Wedding Ring #2 (2017) in progress; Diamonds Wall Hanging 2016.


As any quilter knows, the journey from choosing the fabric to finishing the quilt is a long one. For Tara Faughan most quilts take between 40 – 100 hour, even longer if they are hand sewn.

Each quilt is designed slightly differently.  “Usually I get an idea, and either work out the specifics by making small samples, or by figuring out the math on the computer,” she explains. “I’m at a point where I’m so comfortable with my craft that I can take an

idea and organically translate it into fabric. There is at times a seamless flow from my head through my hands, and it’s such a joy to be able to create in that manner.”  We can’t wait to see what she creates next.







Colourful Embroideries by Victoria Potrovitza

Victoria Potrovitza with her embroideries


Many people pursue textiles later in life from various backgrounds, and Victoria Potrovitza is no exception.

She studied architecture in her native country Romania before becoming a fashion designer which led to a move to Israel and then the USA.

She left the pressures of the fashion industry behind and now focuses on her embroideries which encapsulate her balance and form of her architecture

with her talent for colour from her fashion days. Very inspiring! Check out her feature page on this website to see more of her art work.

Latest art quilts by Ann Brauer


Seasons of the Marsh Winter; Seasons of the Marsh Summer; Seasons of the Marsh Spring by Ann Brauer 2017. Photographs by John Polak

We were lucky enough to interview American quilter Ann Brauer last year. Here are some of her latest quilts. They are all based on the theme ‘Seasons for the Marsh,’ and using different colour palettes to reflect each season changes the mood entirely. Beautiful! www.annbrauer.com


Cos Ahmet

Cos Ahmet: In The Hands Of My Creator, (reworked) 2016 / 17 

Some artists’ work evokes an immediate response, it’s easy to navigate and the viewer can relate the work to the title. Other artists take a more conceptual approach, many don’t do this intentionally it just happens in their creative process. The upside of this second approach is it draws more thought on viewing, as does Cos Ahmet’s work. His limited colour palette also gives the work a serenity especially when viewed in a suitable setting such as this piece above. It is on show at  ‘Points of Juncture: An Exhibition by Cos Ahmet. Commissioned by Forty Hall and supported by Arts Council England until 22 October 2017. www.fortyhallestate.co.uk