Textile Curator | Sandra De Berduccy, textile artist, fibre artist
Weaver from Bolivia combining traditional techniques with cutting edge technology.
Weaver, technology, LEDs, Electricity
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Sandra De Berduccy

Sandra De Berduccy    DeBerduccy_8   DeBerduccy_4

Sandra weaving outdoors; Electric Awka – Traditional Andean Weave with Optical Fibre, Alpaca Fibre, LEDs and Sensors;

Jiwasanaka, Ancient double weave tecnique (kurti), Colored threads, leds, copper plates and macrocontroller


Sandra is our first featured artist from Bolivia, a country with a rich heritage in weaving. Sandra’s work respects traditional techniques while adding a fresh approach. ” I explore the relationship between nature, processes of traditional Andean textiles and various languages of the new media art,” she explains. She makes her devices and artifacts with a range of materials and processes including electronics, software code, micro controllers and reverse engineering. While her work is very varied weaving is always at the core. “All [my] practices merge with each other and give continuity to the ancient textile tradition of which I consider myself part.”

To find out more about Sandra visit www.sandradeberduccy.com or check out her Instagram and Facebook pages – details are on her gallery page sandra-deberduccy


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